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# 1 in Spinal, Neck and Head Injuries

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Students  and Pensioners

$60 for 30 minutes initial and Standard Consultation sessions (includes SWT and women's Health)

   We are pleased to introduce Shockwave therapy in White Hills Physio. See the great review of the SWT 


Massage Therapy

Massage involves working and acting on the body with pressure. Techniques are commonly applied using hands and fingers or a device. The purpose of massage is generally promoted as treatment for different Musculoskeletal Pathologies.

Dry Needling

Dry needling, also known as myofascial trigger point dry needling, it is the use of acupuncture needles for therapy of muscle pain, including pain related to myofascial pain syndrome.


White Hills Physiotherapy (WHP) is a fully accredited NDIS Physiotherapy practice that commits to the wellbeing of their clients with disabilities.  The NDIS was developed to provide long term care. At WHP, We pride ourselves to share the same goal on working with our clients, to achieve mutually set goals and get more out of life. We offer mobility, functional and equipment Assessments, Hands on treatment, splinting, and exercise prescription.

Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy is a regimen of varied activities designed for specific therapeutic goals. Its purpose is to work towards the restoration of normal musculoskeletal function or to reduce pain at the site of injury caused by diseases or injuries through neuro reeducation, gait training and therapeutic activities.

Pre-employment and Functional Assessment

Pre-employment assessments are done to potential employees to ensure that they are not risking injury.

It provides a comprehensive information relating to a physical strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. It also helps new employees to understand if they can perform the tasks required within a job role. It may also assist them with matching  to a suitable task or roles within their new workplace.


At WHP,  pre-employment functional assessment can be used in conjunction with a pre-employment medical assessment undertaken by a doctor at White Hills Medical Practice ( WHMP).  

The Assessment usually involves an examination of:

  • Overal posture & postural fatigue

  • Range of joint movement and muscle flexibility

  • Strength and endurance

  • Movement technique & quality:

    • Bending

    • Lifiting

    • Reaching

    • Squatting

    • Stairs and ladders

  • Manual handling

  • Cardiovascular fitness test

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